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Who Are We? 


We are product designers, manufacturers, and innovators who thought the promotional marketing world could use some new blood. So we started Strike in 2015 based around a single product, our BOLT LED Wristband. Now, over five million custom-branded wristbands, and 100s of custom designed products later, we continue to design and develop new items so you, our distributors, have fresh ideas to present to your clients. 


What makes Strike LED Wristbands different than any other promotional branding product?

Our patented designs and engraving processes make our products the only cost effective wearables in the world that actually put your name in lights. Sure, light-up promotional products are nothing new, but with other light-up swag, the product lights up, and the brand is left hidden as a boring pad print or silkscreen. With Strike, your client's brand is the light, and more importantly, is what people notice!

A message from our C.E.O.

First of all, I just want to thank you for  giving us your time, and I mean that very sincerely.  We obviously do things a little different around here, but I feel like it's important to tell you how we got to this place, and why we do what we do.


My very first job was working event ops for a PGA tournament, and then I spent some time in the corporate sponsorship department at MLB's front office in Manhattan. After that I had the absolute privilege of working for the Chicago Blackhawks in their ticket sales department (which was really a dream come true for a Chicago boy born and raised!). Once we ran out of tickets to sell I got into designing products, manufacturing sourcing, and consulting for inventors to bring their ideas to fruition.  Then one day my (now) business partner came to me with this incredible LED wristband he had designed and patented, asking me if I would run a promo company for him. In the interest of keep ing this brief  here's the Cliff Notes of our origin: I said, "Absolutely... as long as we can produce at a 100 piece minimum, with a 10 day or less lead time"....  SO... then we spent 2  years building custom lasers, and FINALLY started this party in 2015. I will never forget our first ASI Show in Chicago 2015; We showed up with a little tabletop popup, and exactly 1 product to show... ONE! it honestly cracks me up a little just reminiscing about it. But, something magical happened from that show, and now 9 years later we have designed and patented 14 more products, won a bunch of awards, and completed jobs for music artists, teams, and companies that just blow my mind. So... THANK YOU!


See, I'm well aware that we're a tiny fish in the promo supplier pool... but I really wouldn't have it any other way. Every single product we put out there has come from a drawing, or idea that I, or one of our staff has come up with. As silly as it sounds, these are our babies, and we're VERY proud of them. Admittedly, our products aren't going to make sense for every project, or every client, and thats OK... But when the situation fits, know that we are here, and we've got you covered. That's what I think makes us different from most supplier companies. Maybe its the fact that I've spent time on the end user side, the distributor side, the designer side, and now the supplier side... or maybe its just that I have an incredible staff who has all bought into our family of products. At the end of the day I can guarantee you exactly one thing; My staff and I will always genuinely care about making sure we do everything possible to make sure you project is successful. I believe that if we do our very best to make sure that happens, then the client will be happy, and you'll be happy... which means I'm happy! Treating this business any other way just doesn't make sense to me. If you choose to work with us at Strike, please know that you will forever be treated as a partner, and that my staff will always truly care about making sure your order is treated with the respect and consideration it deserves.


Rob Russell

Owner, CEO, Cubs Fan

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