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The newest addition to our product lines comes straight from our founder Rob Russell! Learn more about JP Custom Golf below & why we need to be your first call when the next golf project comes across your desk!

NO Minimums 

Need 1 personalized for an important client? No Problem. 15 for a golf trip? Deal. We don't believe you should need to buy 100 to have access to the world's sweetest custom golf accessories. That being said... you are welcome to order as many as you'd like! 

NO Set-Ups
Same deal as the minimums. Our goal is for everyone to have access to amazing USA made swag for your bag, and that just isn't economical if you're paying $40-$50 for a set-up! 

FREE Personalization 

Let's say you want a country club logo on a few dozen pieces but want each individual piece personalized with a member's name... sounds fun, let's do it! No extra charge.

Gift Tin Packaging Included 

Our golf accessories are works of art so we certainly aren't just plopping them into a poly bag and sending them off to you. Greenskeepers are always packed in our window tins, and all ball mark styles come in a velvet bag packed in our JP Stash Tin. 

100% USA Metals 
All our metals come from USA mines and are 100% pure metals. That other "brass" divot tool you've seen for $2-$3? It's imported nickel coated in brass, and it is terrible. At JP we're only working with thick, heavy duty, bad ass metals in our mission to make your golf bag cooler 1 piece at a time.


Industry Renowned Decorating
When our owner created Strike back in 2015 he introduced laser engraved LED branding to the promo world. That same knowledge, skill, and innovation is what makes the artistic etching on our JP Custom Golf tools superior to everything else the golf promo folks can offer. We're not just etching a logo on a piece of metal... we're creating branded artwork that people will want to keep & use for years to come!

FREE Design Guidance

Sure, you could (theoretically) just drop a logo on a piece and call it a day, but we prefer to get more creative if you'll oblige. We have numerous stock background textures available to fill out a piece, or would absolutely love to create one specific for your brand! See that camo on the Greenskeeper above? Custom created for that project.... and awesome. Moral of the story if you haven't figured it out is that we are creators, and we're here to create something phenomenal with you!

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